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4 Important Tips to Keep in Mind When Working With a Catering Company


Planning an event can be a daunting task, even if this isn’t you first time. There are plenty of vendors to reach out to, things to organize, people to talk to and so on; and at the end of the day, planning and executing successful events depends greatly on the kind of professionals you choose to work with. Delegating the various aspects of the events such as food, décor, seating and table arrangements, and PA systems to professionals who understand the business well can save you a lot of trouble and ensure your event is well executed.

When it comes to food in particular, it is very crucial to choose a professional catering Toronto company that is strict on quality and delivering to clients needs. It can be extremely embarrassing for your company or reputation of your organization if say people were to develop food poisoning from the meals and refreshments served at your event. Event meals are also an opportunity for you to further signature brand your event. Food brings people together and a great meal can leave a lasting impression. Therefore, when dealing with caterers, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Variety and flexibility is key and this is why you need a well-seasoned professional in the industry. A lot goes into choosing the meals that will be served and how they will be prepared. Client needs such as modified dishes (vegetarian, kosher-style, vegan or halal) are just some of the major concern areas that the caterer should have during your consultation. In terms of flexibility, you need a caterer who can stretch out from anything below 20 as your guest numbers up to the thousands comfortably and still giving the same kind of attention to detail in each dish they serve.
  • Your consultation session with the caterer is the best time to get all the points out. Discuss important issues such as the location of the event, indoors or outdoors, what kind of seating arrangements will be provided, special meal requests, or any signature dishes that may make the meals stand out even more. Say for example you are looking for wedding catering in Toronto, what would be the wedding theme, colors, etc. Although there is a lot to think about, a professional in the food business can guide the questions they ask to ensure they get all the necessary information before they execute.
  • When it comes to planning an event and looking for the right vendors, never skimp on the cost of hiring a professional caterer. This is one of the areas of the event that you would rather go all out on as compared to the rest, especially if the professional has a proven record of accomplishments.
  • Sample the meals and see the plan of execution before the actual day. You do not need to go into details such as supplies lists but your caterer should have a well laid out plan that they can clearly walk you through explaining how they expect to handle the day.


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