86867HDad can sometimes be the hardest person to shop for, making Father’s Day gifting a real challenge. Luckily, many fathers love and use tech gadgets and gear – and there are a lot of cool new items to choose from.

Here are four trendy and tech-inspired gift ideas, recommended by Marc Saltzman, Canadian syndicated technology columnist.

Power play

There’s nothing worse than a smartphone that loses power when you need it most. To prevent this from happening, portable power packs are becoming an essential on-the-go accessory. Whether staying connected while on a business trip or on his daily commute, making sure dad never loses contact can sometimes be a gift for the entire family.

Picture perfect

Parents love to receive family photos, and today you can upload your captured memories to services that will personalize products and deliver them to your door. Examples of such one-of-a-kind gifts include coffee mugs, mouse pads, smartphone cases, stationery, aprons, playing cards, and even hockey pucks. Whether you prefer to use an app or go online, plenty of options let you give a truly unique and memorable gift.

Music to his ears

Sometimes, even the smallest background noise can filter through regular headphones, making you turn up the volume at an unhealthy level. So for dads who enjoy watching series or listening to music on the go, here is the ultimate accessory to have handy: noise-canceling wireless headphones. A great gift idea that will allow dads to keep the volume at a lower level without being bothered by external sounds or wires.


Wearable tech and fitness trackers have paved the way for the recent self-tracking health obsession. With a population increasingly interested in up-to-the-minute health status, lifelogging has expanded to multiple areas, including oral health. The Oral-B 7000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush features Bluetooth connectivity, and can wirelessly send information to a nearby phone or tablet app – including information about areas of your mouth you need to focus on, whether you’re applying too much pressure, and how long you’re brushing.

More information is available at www.oralb.com/en-CA/bluetooth-toothbrush/.


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