There’s no doubt about it, accomplishing a good spring clean is a feeling incomparable to anything else. While it can be a hassle, and often physically and mentally strenuous, spring cleaning also leaves you feeling refreshed, renewed, and energized to tackle new things! So, why not extend these positive feelings to the rest of your life. Here are five things you should consider spring cleaning beyond your home!

  1. Your inbox. Start with your junk folder, then move to your inbox, and unsubscribe to anything and everything that is irrelevant to you. Also clean out all those folders that are jam-packed with things that were “important” to save ten years ago.
  1. Your phone. Get rid of apps you don’t use anymore, or that hinder your productivity. And while you’re at it, go through your contact list and delete people you no longer speak to. Do it as a way to free up some memory, if nothing else.
  1. Toxic relationships. Humans are creatures of habit, which is why we tend to hold on to people even when they no longer bring value to our lives. But the fact remains: toxic relationships drain your energy and are detrimental to your mental well being. It’s normal and natural to outgrow relationships, so be honest with yourself and decide who you want in your life on a daily basis. No need to cut people out entirely, but just be cognizant of who you are spending time with or talking to daily and how these relationships are affecting you.
  1. Your closet. Giving up that off-the-shoulder Michael Jackson tee you wore on the first day of grade nine is hard, I know, and sometimes there are sentimental reasons as to why you’re keeping certain articles of clothing. Maybe you were wearing that same tee the day your high school sweetheart first talked to you, or maybe you just really love Michael Jackson, but at a certain point it’s important to realize that you’ll still have those sentimental memories even after that t-shirt has died and gone to t-shirt heaven. Donate old clothes to charity, pass them down to family and friends, or cut them up and use them as rags to clean the tub with. If you’re having trouble determining which clothes to keep and which to donate, try the hanger trick. Face all of your hangers one way and then every time you wear an item, flip the hanger the opposite way. At the end of a predetermined period of time – perhaps a month or two – whichever hangers haven’t been flipped, are the items that need to go.
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