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4 Things you Should Consider when Moving or Looking for a New Home

87585HThe warmer weather has arrived, and with it comes moving season. If you’re moving this summer, there are tons of things you’ll need to keep track of. While it may not be as a glamourous as planning the new paint colour or décor, Enbridge Gas recommends keeping these things in mind when evaluating any potential new home. They can save you time and money in the long run.

Estimate your average monthly bills. Ask the seller for past utility bills or monthly costs so you can properly budget.

Consider the appliances. What stays and what will be replaced? Energy-efficient equipment is an investment in the value of your home, and the cost may be reduced through energy rebates – search online for details and current offers.  Also ask about current rental equipment and the terms of existing agreements.

Find out if an energy audit has been done. This will provide useful information on the home’s energy efficiency. It may also provide a list of things to help keep energy costs as low as possible. If an audit has not been done in a while, schedule one in advance to help you make an informed decision. The details on incentives for qualifying home buyers and sellers can be found at knowyourenergyscore.ca.

Notify your utilities as early as possible. Once you’ve found the perfect place, don’t forget to provide advance notice to your utilities. You’ll need to open or update your account, and most companies require at least three days’ notice of your move. Instead of spending time waiting on hold, see if your utilities, like Enbridge, offer fast and easy online move requests. While on their websites, see check to see if your utility company offers paperless billing to avoid cluttering your new home with paper mail.

Learn more about energy-efficiency programs and incentives for qualifying home buyers and sellers by visiting knowyourenergyscore.ca. Learn more about switching your utilities to a new address by visiting enbridgegas.com/moving.


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