88021HYou know your home is an investment and with the recent rise in property values you may be considering selling in the foreseeable future. Professional stagers are experts at making changes that will appeal to the most general home buyer. But you don’t need a pro to achieve this effect in your own home.

Staging your home doesn’t have to be complicated — clean up, depersonalize and keep it feeling light. Your potential home buyer will feel right at home in no time with these four project ideas that’ll get you the look for less.

  1. The power of paint. No other home improvement project delivers a higher return on investment than a fresh coat of paint in the perfect colour. Clean and brighter colours inside will give your home a spacious, airy feel while a neutral exterior increases curb appeal. Consider Para Paint’s Princess Cut PF 57 or Jo Jo Whitewash PF 17 for indoors; and Humberstone PF 74 for exteriors, a modern option for your trim, garage door or front door.
  2. Focus on the kitchen. More than any other item in your kitchen, cabinets take up the most real estate as they are the largest visual feature. But you don’t always need to replace them —simply paint or re-stain the door and drawer fronts. And don’t forget about hardware as this simple switch can change your look and pull together the room’s style. Change, add, or update lighting, as it will make all the difference in the overall viewing of the space, especially after a fresh coat of paint. Buyers always favour a clean, fresh looking kitchen.
  3. Cut the clutter. Your goal should be to make your home as clean and airy as possible. Remove personal elements and tidy desks and shelves to exude an easy, elegant feel. To truly pull in the highest bids you’ll want to make visitors feel as if they can live there and move in right away.
  4. Light and bright. Proper lighting is key so replace all missing pot lights and burned out light bulbs. Layer lighting so that there is no single point of light. Before visitors come in, open the shades and turn on the table lamps and chandelier. Mirrors are a great way to reflect your multiple light sources and make your space look larger. After that, keep your furniture and accessories minimal and bright. If you have the opportunity to paint older wood furniture, white or light grey will do the trick.

On the day of your showing don’t forget that smell is very important, so air out your home, light candles or use air fresheners scented as baked goods or vanilla that are sure to create a homey feel and allow buyers to see your home in their future.


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