Decorating your with with eco-friendly products takes careful planning. Today there is an increasing need to focus on the environment, economy and sustainability in home building, renovating and decorating. Living by sustainable principal doesn’t have to change your lifestyle drastically, it just requires a slight change in mindset. Healthier materials and environmentally friendly products are already more available then before. Decorating your with with eco-friendly products simply requires a little planning and fore-thought. If you think and asking questions about the entire life cycle when purchasing goods and resources that you use in your everyday life, you’re already making a difference.

Often, it’s as simple as making the most of what we have by recycling the “Grandma chair” with a slipcover in a new cotton or linen upholstery, giving it a new life with a simple splash of color or by using old favourites in innovative ways. Here are 5 fabulous ways to reuse and re-decorate with eco flair:

bottleshometrend1- Empty Bottles

Instead of tossing old wine, champagne or soda bottles, take a good look at them from a different angle. Old bottles often have a beautiful shape, form or color and can easily stand alone or in a grouping as a focal point for decorative center pieces. For a modern look, consider painting the exterior of any bottle in a vibrant color that coordinates with your home décor style.

2 – Books are the Window to the Soul

Do you have a box or pile of old table books just gathering dust that you can’t bring yourself to get rid of?

There are many unique ways to decorate with books. For example; purchase shelf brackets that are slightly smaller than the width of your favorite decorating book. Secure the bracket to the wall and place the book on this bracket to create a decorative shelf. Another idea is to stagger a few favorite coffee table books in a cohesive display and top with vases, picture frames and a grouping of decorative items.

book decor home trend

mason jar home trend3 –  Mason Jars are Always on Trend

Empty maso jars have so many uses you might find yourself overwhelmed with the options. Here are just a few of my favourites:

  • Fill the mason with small white rock and sand. Top it with a fashionable Orchid in a vibrant colour.
  • Use 5 jars in a grouping of different sizes and shapes but always in the same colour. Add tea lights inside for a romantic affect as the centerpiece for a diner party.
  • Use the mason jar as drinking glasses at a team party or a backyard BBQs this summer and save the planet from more disposable plastic glasses, with style!

pebbles home trend4 – Pebble Madness!

YES pebbles of different sizes could be used to decorate your coffee table, dining room table centerpiece and of course, the classic windowsills!

Stone decorations are fabulous and especially suitable if you have a beach style house and have an artistic approach to your life style. You could combine crystal in the mix or have an enormous rock on a pedestal or museum cube along the wall in your hallway and back light it to give it a charming and warm glow.

tray%20for%20home%20trend5 – Chalkboard Paint

I really love how a small jar of chalkboard paint can be used for so many stylish and creative decorating projects. While chalk is not a new trend, it continues to hold its momentum because of its versatility. Chalkboard paint is not always black and a touch of colour opens up a whole world of possibilities.

At the end of every decorating project remember this; making of a home should be an enjoyable and exciting adventure. It is a personal opportunity to create a place that makes you happy every time you wake up or return from a long trip.

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