Small yard? Color us unfazed, because nowadays, small is hardly a limitation. Keep reading for six stellar tips for landscaping in your small backyard.  


Pay Attention to Color Placement 

Use brightly colored flowers and planters to your advantage by placing them front and center — this will make them something of a focal point. The bright colors will catch your attention first, and the remainder of your foliage will serve as a receding backdrop, which will lend the look of layers in your landscape, and subsequently, the look of depth. 


Stack Your Planters 

Gardening vertically is perhaps the number one hack when it comes to working with a small outdoor space. This clever idea, using terracotta pots and annuals, is bound to save you at least a little bit of space. 

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Opt for Tropical 

Lush, tropical plants automatically make us think of vast rainforests and jungles, so utilizing them in your backyard will elicit a similar association of expansiveness. Think: large leafed plants, such as cold variety bamboo, canna, colocasia, (or pink china), and ferns. 


Shutter Your Succulents 

Along the same lines as the stacked planters idea, this vertical gardening technique will also save you space, without sacrificing any succulents.  

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Indulge a Little 

More often than not, a small space is automatically associated with its limitations. Well, not in this case. In this modern age, the materials available to professional landscapers and the average homeowner alike, are extensive, innovative, and above all, expensive. For larger landscapes, the use of these new and innovative materials are simply fiscally impractical. For those working with a small outdoor space, lavish material use is much more realistic and attainable, allowing for a small space to become a quality one, on a tighter budget.

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