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5 Painting Tips to Creating a Flawless Finish

In the realm of home renovations, a good paint job provides the most bang for your buck in that you can completely transform your space for a fraction of the cost of similarly impactful renovations. To ensure you are observing the “good” in good paint job, we’ve rounded up some key user tips. From tape to trim to top-coat, we have you covered.  

 Repair Any Damage 

Since you want to essentially create a blank canvas to paint on, your first step in prepping your walls is to inspect for, and deal with, any visible damage. Employ caulking and/or spackling measures on damaged areas and don’t forget to sand once dry. Following this step, you can begin washing then priming your wall, if desired.  

 Consider Light and Temperature Control  

One common mistake even professionals sometimes make when dealing with a new build is beginning painting work before heating and lighting are finalized. Besides the fact that improper lighting can affect the quality of your end result, painting before your room temperature is consistent can result in unpredictable morphing of the paint later on. 

 Purchase the Right Tools 

Having the right tools in your roster will not only ensure a better quality paint job but also an easier cleanup. What tools you’ll need may vary depending on the particulars of your paint job but almost all paint job call for brushes and rollers, an extension handle, rolling trays, drop cloths and protective sheeting, a screw driver, the aforementioned patching materials, and a bucket and sponge. 

 Choose the Right Tape 

That’s right, tape is so important that it warrants a category of its own. A good tape product can make or break your paint job, but what exactly makes a “good” painting tape? The type of tape you use can and should vary depending on the surface you plan to use it on, but a good place to start is on Painter’s Mate Green’s website, where they have a products that promise to adhere to a variety of surfaces, including wood, plaster, stucco, drywall, metal, flooring, glass and plastic. Additionally, all Painter’s Mate Green painting tape is UV-resistant and made from premium quality paper and adhesive, which can be left on surfaces for up to eight days prior to painting.  

 One More Quick Tip: Painter’s Mate Double-Sided Poly-Hanging Tape  

Consider enlisting the help of Painter’s Mate Double-Sided Poly-Hanging Tape, which allows for 21-day easy removal. The handy double-sided feature adheres securely to irregular surfaces and heavier materials, including poly-sheeting, plastic drop cloths, and tarps. This allows you to secure drop cloths and sheeting to any surface!

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