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When designing a small space, physical limitations can end up translating into decor constraints. This is because we live in fear of making our small spaces look smaller, so we abide by a strict, unwritten set of rules. That said, your home decor should reflect your unique personality no matter its square footage. Sometimes this means you have to break the rules. Start with these five.


Scaling your furniture to the dimensions of your room

Though it makes logical sense to scale your furniture based on the size of your room, this approach can be limiting. In some cases, small-scaled furniture can work against you and have the opposite effect, making your room appear cramped. Alternatively, take the time to invest in a few large furniture pieces. This way, you end up with better quality furniture that really shines in your space.


Hiding all of your belongings

Clutter is something to avoid no matter the size of your room. That said, you don’t have to lock up all your things in storage in order to live a clutter-free existence. Instead, you can use your belongings in lieu of decor. Open bookshelves allow for ample light flow and an organized display of your favorite books, photos, and artifacts.


Staying away from dark colors …

While a light color palette is certainly the small-space-convention, dark walls can lend the illusion of depth. TIP Opt for a satin or semi-gloss paint, which will reflect light and enhance the dimensional effect of the room.


… and patterns

Rather than avoiding patterns altogether, find a creative way to make patterns work for you. One idea is to use crown molding to split your wall in half. You can then embellish the top portion of your wall with patterned wallpaper. This will draw the eye upward, lending your ceilings the illusion of height.



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