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5 Things to Consider When Planning Window Placements

home-renovation1If you are planning a new build or a major renovation, there are number of things that will influence your window placement decisions.

1) Fresh Air: Fresh air is essential to prevent mold and mildew in your house. Proper window placement will take air flow into consideration, placing windows in such a way that open windows can offer a breeze that moves through-out the space easily.

2) Maximize Natural Light: Rooms that will be used regularly through-out the day will benefit from natural light through large, well placed windows. Rooms that are used less regularly or rooms that require a darker atmosphere, like a theatre room, will be better suited to smaller windows.

3) The Views: Window placements should take the view into consideration. For example, if one side of the house offers a beautiful view, you may want to capitalize on that view with large picture windows. Alternatively, you may want to avoid placing a large picture window in a spot that will overlook a neighbor’s wall or a side alley.

4) Room Function: The first thing to consider is safety – especially when planning window placements for bedrooms, but you will also want to consider the flow and function of each room. Window placement should allow for proper furniture placement, for example.

5) Maintenance & Cleaning: Before adding a window, consider the cleaning and maintenance requirements. If the window is in a hard-to-reach spot, how will you keep it clean? This doesn’t mean you can’t put windows in hard-to-reach areas but advance planning will allow you to prepare for these issues and make an informed decision. Choosing a low maintenance window like Apex Alloy windows from All Weather Windows will help to decrease your need for easy access to the exterior of the windows in the future.

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