88422hAs the weather continues to drop outside, and days continue to get shorter and darker many people are turning to the warm confines of their living rooms to wait out the winter.

Downtime during the holidays is the perfect time to catch up on your favourite series or finally get to that recent blockbuster movie. Wait out the winter in the warm confines of your living room with these five tips for making it perfect for binge-watching.

  1. Comfort is key. Fluffy blankets, cozy pillows, and somewhere to put up your feet are all prerequisites for the perfect viewing experience.
  2. Recreate reality. Invest in a television that allows you to see your content the way the director intended. Technology like LG’s OLED television lineup recreates a cinematic experience in your home. It delivers true black, meaning you see every colour and detail in perfect contrast.
  3. Perfect sound: Surround sound can’t be beat when it comes to media rooms. Place speakers around the central seating area to ensure an immersive experience.
  4. Snack attack: Cupboards should be well stocked with snacks to keep you fueled throughout the binge. Try substituting your typical popcorn and soda with some holiday favourites like clementines, shortbread, or mixed nuts.
  5. Mood lighting: If you can’t splurge on a new OLED that features anti-reflective coating, dim the lights and close the blinds. This will ensure you don’t have any pesky glare interrupting your experience.


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