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5 Tips for Water Conservation

Looking to save a few dollars on your utility bill this season?  Look no further than your lawn.  “A healthy lawn only needs about an inch of water per week,” says John Ladds, the operations manager at Weed Man Canada. “That’s good news for most of us, and can mean a leaner water bill if done correctly.”

The following advice can help stretch your water this season without sacrificing your lawn:

  1. Time your watering. Aim for early mornings when possible, to minimize evaporation or sun scorching. Prevent over-watering by putting your sprinkler on a timer.
  2. Place your sprinkler wisely. Maximum coverage is nice, but try to avoid watering hard surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks. This is literally water down the drain.
  3. Check your equipment. Make sure all sprinklers and hoses are free of leaks or blockages.
  4. Use Mother Nature to your advantage. Divert eaves-troughs to collect rainfall in a barrel or other large container and keep it covered to lessen insects and contaminants.
  5. Maintain proper lawn care. Avoid mowing too short, as longer grass receives more shade and absorbs more water. Having your lawn aerated once a year can also help water penetrate more deeply.


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