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5 Ways to Add Life to Your Exterior Color

exterior color

Photo Source: All Weather Windows

Whether you are starting fresh or are simply updating a few things, the first step in building curb appeal for your home is to choose the right color scheme. When building out this color scheme, it would be helpful to consider referencing a paint fan deck. This will allow you to first color match the trim color found on your windows, then move either two shades up or down on the color swatch to find your main exterior color. The same rule applies when using your main color to locate your trim color. You can use this color to repaint your home, or color match it to a stucco finish or brick. Keep in mind that light colors will make a small home appear larger and darker colors will have the reverse effect.

Once you’ve decided on your color scheme, there are five main ways you can add color to your home’s exterior to really make it stand out.

Exterior Color: Windows

PVC windows are popular among homeowners because they are moisture and corrosion resistant and offer affordable, maintenance-free frames and a long life span. Until recently, options for adding color to PVC window frames have been limited mostly to paint and metal cladding. Paint will chip and fade over time and metal cladding, while durable and attractive, is also quite costly.  For the past 35 years, European homeowners have been adding color to PVC windows with a durable and cost-effective laminated film. All Weather Windows now offers this same technology with the new Renolit EXOFOL FX color option for their Apex 9100 series windows. Your PVC windows can now boast a beautiful, bold color that requires no extra maintenance and is still budget-friendly.

Exterior Color: Doors

Neutral colors are usually your best choice for exterior finishes that are on the pricier side to renovate, but surfaces that can be painted, like your front door, are a great place to add personality with a pop of bright color. You can easily update the color with a fresh coat of paint every few years to give your home a fresh new look.

Exterior Color: Plants

Plants are another great way to add a pop of bright color to your exterior. In the summer, choose flowers in colors that match or complement your front door. In the winter, replace live plants with potted holiday trees decorated in colored lights and a festive holiday wreath.

Exterior Color: Door Mat

A door mat is a great place to pull your color scheme together. Look for a door mat that blends the neutral colors of your exterior with the bold color you choose for your front door to create a chic, streamlined look.

Exterior Color: Furniture

Patio furniture is another great place to add a pop of color. Porch swings, patio chairs, patio tables and planters are all pieces that add a decorative touch and offer the option of integrating bold color. A can of Krylon ColorMaster spray paint is all you need to update your color scheme from season to season!

When considering different color choices, avoid the rookie mistake of disregarding the color schemes found throughout your neighborhood. Your home’s exterior should stand out from the rest of the block, yet blend well with the other homes.

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