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5 Ways to Add a Designer Touch to Your Shower

How chic is your shower? We hope to inspire you to upgrade your experience with these five fabulous products and ideas for adding a designer touch to your shower.

A QuARTz Drain System by ACO

If you’re part of the overwhelming majority that puts little to no thought into your shower drain, QuARTz by ACO has a product or two that will change the way you look at your drainage system forever. Choose between the QuARTz Linear Drain  or the QuARTz Point Drain,  and then tailor your pick further, via multiple options in edges, grates, and accessories. We love the strainer feature, available in stainless or oil-rubbed bronze, which presents an effective and attainable remedy to a time-old dilemma.

To read more about QuARTz Linear Drain or a Point Drain system or any of their other products, visit their website.

A Novelty Shower Head

Shower heads do a lot more than just supply water these days. From models that are voice-activated, to ones that supplement with vitamin C, to ones with built in speakers; the unique ways in which you can rinse off are seemingly endless. If you’re partial to all things colorful, you might enjoy a color changing head, which uses temperature-sensing technology, coupled with a LED light system, to color code your shower.

A Towel Warmer

Photo Source: Plumbing Supply

We love the idea of having warm, fluffy, and – most importantly – dry towels at our fingertips post-shower! While this luxury fixture is rather run-of-the-mill in Europe, towel warmers haven’t (yet) garnered widespread popularity here, making them as designer-esq as they are positively crowd pleasing.

A Wow-factor Mirror

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Round mirrors are super trendy right now, as are oversized mirrors. For a real hit, try a mirror that is both oversized and round. Couple your statement-making mirror with task lighting for a room-expanding effect that will illuminate even the deepest, darkest corners of your shower.

A Shower Plant

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Our readers already know how we feel about plant-life in the bathroom; we believe the right amount of greenery in the bathroom lends a sense of coveted luxury and spa-like serenity. Hanging a plant in your shower is a great way to manage humidity, counteract airborne toxins, and Zen-ify your bathing experience.

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