Home decorating is something of an art form, and should be treated as such, with unique features and unpredictable elements that make it unconventional and beautiful. To help you with the design, and/or re-design, of your work-in-progress home, we’ve rounded up five companies that encourage you customize your décor right down to the last detail.  


The Momenti Collection by Riobel 

Riobel lets you custom build your bathroom faucet directly on their website, with the ease and speed of ordering a pizza. Simply visit the website, click on “Create Your Moment” and choose between the various handle, spout, and finish options. Once you’re happy with your choices, click “View my Faucet” to see a virtual rendering of what you’ve designed.  

Photo Source: momenti.riobel.ca

Read more about the Momenti Collection here.



Massuni furniture is a far cry from the assemble-yourself IKEA models we’re accustomed to. The Orangeville-based company prides itself  on providing customization at an affordable cost, and does so using specially designed software and an in-house manufacturing process. To start the process, customers simply visit the Massuni website, select the desired products, make any necessary tweaks to size directly on the site, and place the order.  

Photo Source: massuni.com

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Audrey & Allen’s Customizable Chair Program 

Much like Massuni, Audrey & Allen advertise that they strive to provide custom-built furniture at an affordable price. The Ontario-based company’s website features a dozen durable chair designs, all of which can be customized via a diverse selection of fabric choices.  

Photo Source: audreyandallen.com

Read more about Audrey & Allen’s Customizable Chair Program here.


Tessera Precision Mosaics 

Shifting the topic from furniture for a moment, Tessera Precision Mosaics, a Woodbridge-based company, works with their clientele to create mosaics that are truly unique to them. Customers can choose the design of their mosaic, as well as the material the mosaic will be made out of, before the fabrication stage commences.  

Photo Source: tesserapm.com

Read more about Tessera Precision Mosaics here.


ELTE Custom Rugs 

When it comes to area rugs, the fact remains: one size simply does not fit all. Luckily, customization with ELTE is as simple as working with a custom rug specialist to settle on things like size, pattern, color, and fiber selection, based on your distinctive room size requirements. Using ELTE’s services, you can have a custom piece delivered to your doorstep in a little as three months.  

Photo Source: elte.com

Reading more about ELTE’s custom rug services here.

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