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5 Ways to Use Terracotta in your Kitchen

Speaking about kitchens this year, the general consensus seems to be: out with the cold, in with the warm, when it comes to everything from hardware to lighting to flooring to wall color. In that same vein, we have terra cotta, which is vibrant, easy to match, and the perfect statement or accent color for kitchens, cottages and likewise. Keep reading for five ways to rock the earthy hue in your kitchen. 


For Your Flooring 

2017’s take on terracotta involves pairing it with otherwise contemporary kitchen décor, to enforce a modern take on the rustic, farmhouse vibe. Think: oversized pendant lighting, matte cabinetry, and floor-to-ceiling windows. We love how terracotta looks in a contemporary kitchen, and how it creates a visual tension between something reminiscent of old, (like the reclaimed terracotta shown in the kitchen below), and new.  

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For Your Backsplash 

For a kitchen trying to showcase a rustic vibe, a terracotta backsplash lends added warmth and personality, and brings out the warmth in other organically-inspired materials, such as reclaimed wood or brick. Terracotta can also bring out the warmth in other hues that you wouldn’t expect, when it’s used as an accent. In the kitchen below, we like how the terracotta backsplash warms up an otherwise all-white kitchen.  

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For Your Cabinetry 

All-white cabinetry? How boring. Furniture in this day and age begs to be colorful and confident, and the same goes for your kitchen cabinets. In the kitchen below, terracotta color was used on the low cabinets, including the cabinetry on the kitchen island. This approach really highlights the kitchen island, as our eyes are automatically drawn to it first.  

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For Your Ceiling 

For a way to incorporate terracotta that’s fairly unexpected, consider the versatile material for your ceiling, be it via terracotta tone paint, or actual terracotta clay tiles. The effect is pure, uninhibited warmth, emanating from the highest point of your ceiling and carrying downwards. Keep in mind lighting take on the hues it’s surrounded by, so if your terracotta use is excessive, the orange-tinged look could become overwhelming. Scale your use of terracotta based on the size of your kitchen and the amount of natural light it gets.  

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