Photo Source: MAKEOVER: Outdoor Entertaining Area on a $4,000 Budget

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, MAKEOVER: Outdoor Entertaining Area on a $4,000 Budget

  1. Modular furniture.

Modular pieces are trendy in 2016 for indoor and out. Modular sets are centred in simplicity and have a practical, minimalist design; they are the colour neutral of the furniture world, if you will. Dress up your modular with fun and bold accessories.


  1. Multipurpose furniture.

Again, another trend that should be embraced indoors as well as out. Try stools with hidden storage, a cushion that doubles as a tray when flipped cushion-side down, or a drink trolley that also doubles as a side table.


  1. Bright colours layered on classic wicker.

Juxtapose classic wicker furniture with cushions and accessories bold in print and colour. Go as far as neon to create a fashionable contrast. The push-pull between traditional and modern is big this 2016.


  1. Warm and earthy craftsmanship.

Craftsman furniture is back in style, with weather-worn wood and rustic pieces at the forefront of outdoor decorating trends. Rattan and wicker are popular materials for furniture and decor, and advancements in technology ensure that these materials stand up to weather wear for years to come. Compliment natural tones with warm hues of purple, lavender and mauve.


  1. Contrast.

Mix those earthy materials with iron or stainless steel and teak. A smooth, seamless transition from in to out is also trendy this year, so if you’re planning a reno this summer, consider making an indoor room a walkout into the patio.


  1. Comfort trumps style.

Think: deep seating, thick, plushy cushions, and lengthy, roomie sectionals that allow space for lounging (and perhaps napping!)


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