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6 Popular Trends in Home Decor

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Decorating your home is one of the most exciting projects you can undertake. Whether you’ve recently bought a home or you’re changing things up, a different space may offer a whole new lifestyle to everyone living in it. The first step in this process is knowing what you’ll do. This can be difficult to plan, especially if you’re not up-to-date with contemporary trends. So, here are six popular trends in home decorations. 

1. Natural Furniture

There seems to be an ongoing trend of using furniture made of natural supplies. This creates a more authentic look for your home, as opposed to a dollhouse aesthetic. Fortunately, there are numerous types of natural materials, such as wood, metal, and stone. When choosing a material to use, think about your living situation. For instance, metal furniture is light and therefore excellent for people that move around. If you need more advice on this kind of decoration, try looking up furniture trends of 2021.

2. Non-matching Pieces

While matching pieces are certainly calming to look at, the effect rarely displays personality or vibrancy. Since younger generations are all about living as your true self, having different yet complementary pieces has grown in popularity. Look for unique decorations that match the intended room. This could be through elements such as color, design and style. However, unless you’re going for a quirky look, make sure that none of the items are too loud or uncomplimentary. 

3. Vintage Looks

It can be easy to confuse modern styles with contemporary styles, mainly due to the wordage. However, modern is a style that depicts futuristic and simplistic looks, while contemporary simply refers to whatever’s currently in. This distinction is important when it comes to vintage looks, which have been growing in popularity as of late. This is mainly in terms of pieces from hundreds of years ago, such as old oil paintings and freestanding bathtubs. Styles from more recent decades, while alive in the fashion industry, are generally less popular in home decoration.

4. Bold Colors

While white and gray rooms have been in style for years, especially for areas like the kitchen, this is beginning to change. Younger homeowners are generally more interested in energetic spaces than simplistic ones. Using bold coloring, even in just a few rooms, is predicted to be popular in 2021. One way a lot of people are utilizing this trend is with the kitchen. Pieces like dark blue kitchen cabinets can make the area more exciting. If you don’t want to commit to extreme coloring, you can use lighter hues that create a happy medium. You should also look for colors that will make you feel happy. Look into color psychology for more information on this.

5. Removable Wallpaper

Due to the rising difficulty in buying or even renting a home, pieces that allow for an easy move have become trendy. One of the most popular examples of this is removable wallpaper. This type of decoration can be peeled off easily when it’s done being used, and in some cases, it may be placed over existing wallpaper. If you want to try layering your wallpaper, you will need need to factor in a few key components. The pattern, color, and type of both layers could affect your ability to do this, along with the state of the old wallpaper. You definitely don’t want to cover up mold or peeling. Whatever you do, this type of decoration can make the design impermanent. 

6. Eco-Friendly Textiles

Nothing is more on-trend in every facet of life than environmental preservation. Making contributions to this movement can change lives in the future. You may think that your home decorations can’t do much in this regard, but every little bit counts. A great way to help is by investing in eco-friendly textiles. Most popular linens and blankets are made from synthetic materials like polyester. Fortunately, multiple brands have begun to create recyclable textiles like organic cotton. Just try to avoid buying recycled synthetic materials. The idea seems sustainable, but its execution is toxic to the earth.

The way your home looks is a statement to the world. In some ways, it defines who you are at the present moment. While you shouldn’t over-spend or get too ambitious, creating the perfect space for you may be a game-changer. 

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