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6 Remodeling Trends for 2016

Warmer stainless steel

Stainless steel has always been a popular choice in kitchens especially due to it’s low maintain and durable nature. Recent kitchen trends, however, have shied away from stainless steel because of it’s cool, industrial look. This year, however, stainless steel makes a comeback with a warmer, softer look. So in addition to being strong and scratch resistance, your stainless steel appliances will  look  richer, lustrous and will mesh better with wood and textiles in your kitchen. Not a big fan of the shiny, silver metal? Try black stainless steel.



A sunroom is a great way to enhance the way you entertain, enjoy the outdoors in a controlled manner, and add value to your home.


Decorated and accessorized bathrooms

Dress up your bathroom with wallpaper, ornate light fixtures and furniture-esq pieces like side tables consoles and shelving units.


Extra large format tile in kitchens and bathroom

Extra large tiles make a statement and tend to be lower maintenance than their smaller counterparts. Larger tiles means less groves which means less grout. Try tiles that are 31 by 71 inches.

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Multipurpose kitchen islands

Kitchen islands have always been a popular feature to have. They provide extra counter space and serve as an attractive focal point for the room. In 2016, we’re seeing kitchen islands doing more: upgrade your island with extra storage, a sink, and seating and eating areas.


Virtual reality

In the planning stages of a home remodel, you may find it difficult to envision exactly what your space will look like after it’s finished. Virtual reality has remedied that problem and essentially changed the home renovation game. Virtual reality programs not only help you to envision your end project, but also allow you to fidget with placement and material choices until you have the look you were aiming for. This is an invaluable tool for your designing project.

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