In a world chock-full of unrelenting stimuli, it would seem that people crave some element of sanctuary in their homes – hence the steepened popularity of the master en suite. Alongside the kitchen, bathrooms are of the top sell-able features in a home, meaning that adding a bathroom   in general is a pretty worthwhile investment. Take it one step further: Master en suites – they are a whole other breed of bathroom, as they tend to be luxury-driven and aimed specifically at the heads of the household, making them a strategic investment for the future, and an enjoyable investment for the present. Not convinced? Keep reading for seven reasons in favor of a master en suite.

More “Me” Time

Between work, kids, and errands, quiet time can become something of an anomaly for the average homeowner. En suites today are designed with refuge in mind, boasting features such as showers with steam components, claw foot tubs, and heated floors – luxury is key. If you’re designing your en suite from scratch, consider taking measures to block exterior noise so that that coveted “me” time is truly uninterrupted.  “Your oasis should feel like a 5-star hotel every day.” Says Glenn Hunter of Y & G Construction “Soak away stress of the day in your private whirlpool  bath surrounded by  a generous array of candles. When you’re finished simply wrap yourself in a heated towel and step onto your warm tile floor and dream of a warm summer wind.”

More “Us” Time 

Think: his and her vanities, a large double tub, and a couple of luxury features such as the ones aforementioned. Enjoying your SO in a comfortable, private, and inadvertently romantic setting is a great way to spark the romance and de-stress at the end of a long day. 

Less Bathroom Traffic

Do we really have to make an argument for why a second bathroom is handy, especially for anybody living in a multi person household? Adding an en suite will free up inevitable traffic during peak times in the day; in the mornings when everyone is rushing to get ready for work and school, for instance.

A Chance to be Kind to the Environment    

Whether or not your existing bathroom(s) are environmentally conscious, your master en suite is a potential-packed chance to design responsibly and reap rewards for doing so. For instance, low-flush toilets and LED light systems will lessen the impact that you make on the environment as well as your bank account.

More Storage 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: can you ever really have too much storage? Adding a master ensuite is a renewed opportunity to reassess your storage needs and meet them more effectively. 

It Can Go Anywhere

Sure it’s a master en suite, and as such, the best place for it is in the master bedroom. However, the traditional molds for homes are most definitely in flux and the way you craft your home can and should be tailored to the needs and allowances of your family and your home. That said, build your en suite where you have the space for it, be it on the main floor, renovated basement, loft, or in the form of an addition. 

Added Value to Your Home

“Not only will your bathroom become one of your favorite places in your home, it will also add exceptional value.” Says Glenn “ Typically, kitchen and bathroom renovations bring the highest return on investments for homeowners. At Y & G Construction, we focus on developing a plan that is both cost effective, high-end, and built with exceptional craftsmanship to improve the value and aesthetic of your home.”  A master en suite in particular caters even more so specifically to the buyers, and as such it should illicit a “wow, we’d love to have something like that” reaction from them, setting your home aside from others in your price bracket.


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