decorate the space as you want. Even if you share it with other students, there is a decent level of freedom when it comes to design.

The only downside is that a lot of students live on a budget. This means that there are not many funds to buy new decor pieces. This is reasonable as college is expensive, and there are plenty of better ways to spend your money. For example, invest in educational resources. If you struggle with academic writing and wonder, “Is there someone to write papers for me?” it is a good idea to opt for specialized assistance. Professional thesis writing service deliver high-quality and affordable assistance to all students in need.

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And as for decorating your student apartment, DIY is an amazing way to spruce up space or transform it completely without breaking the bank. Here are some amazing tips to try.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

DIY Wallpaper

If you want to change the look of the wall, there are several various options:

  • Painting it a new color;
  • Using rent—friendly decals or prints;
  • Hanging art pieces or posters;
  • Using contact paper;
  • Hanging fairy lights.

But if you want something unique, you can create a wallpaper print on the existing color. For that, you’ll need a contracting color and something to use as a stamp – sponge, cut out, or a tree leaf even. Dip it into the color and press it to the wall. Create an authentic pattern to bring more color or highlight an accent wall.

Frames for Accent Wall

Another wonderful idea on how to make your space more exciting is to create an accent wall. Here is a DIY idea – take old picture frames and paint them the color of the wall. Hang them on the wall in an intriguing pattern. They can be of different shapes and sizes. But they need to take the whole wall.

This is a good monochromatic idea to improve the bedroom or living room. Students can buy frames in thrift stores for a small price.

Clothing Rack

Handy students can create a clothing rack from a ladder. You’ll need two same-sized ladders. The ladders will serve as sides of the construction. Add a wooden rack on top to connect them and stabilize them with wood glue and nails. Add two-three wooden planks as shelves on the bottom to connect ladders.

You can also paint it in a color scheme of the apartment. Now you can put your outfits on display.

Upgrade Furniture

Often students have no means to buy new furniture pieces. But it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for something you do not like. The easiest way to upgrade cabinets and shelves is to paint them. Simply painting kitchen cabinets a fresh layer will make a huge difference.

You can also paint door knobs separately with spray paint. Or you can find new ones in a thrift store. Another option is to use rent-friendly decals you can take off when moving out.

Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is easy, even if you have zero experience in DIY. And it can make the space your own instantly. Students can use it for the entryway or bedroom; it is a choice of preference.

There are several options here. You can buy the same frames and go off symmetry. Or, on the contrary, get different frames and make it eclectic. As for pieces, you can choose photographs, artwork, dried plants, posters, etc.

Neon Sign

Students can DIY a custom neon sign for their apartments. For this, you’ll need the following:

  • Canvas on a stretcher;
  • LED wire;
  • Hot glue gun;
  • Pencil.

That’s it. Draw the design on the canvas with a pencil. Make small holes in the canvas to hide the technical wire parts. Take a glue gun and glue LED wire, tracing the design on the canvas. Now you have a custom sign. You can paint the canvas a specific color to add even more vibrancy.

Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

Black Board

Find a designated space you are going to use for your studies. Place a table and a comfortable chair. What else would help you be efficient when studying? What about a board for brainstorming and writing important reminders?

On such a board, you can write to-do lists, schedules, or key concepts you need to remember. Of course, students can just hang a whiteboard and bring some markets. But you can also paint a blackboard right on the wall with a special paint you can draw on later. Now you can use chalks to create notes, reminders, or drawings to keep yourself motivated and focused.

Change Countertops and Tiles

There is no need to start renovation to change how your kitchen or bathroom looks. All you need is vinyl and stick-on tiles. Vinyl will transform an old kitchen countertop to your liking. You can also add stick-on tiles to complete the look.

And all of those can be easily removed when moving out. So it is perfect for a student rental. Now you can do your homework in the kitchen and enjoy the interior you’ve chosen.

Also, students can opt for stick-on tiles for the bathroom. This won’t take much time, and alterations are not permanent.

In Summary

Decorating your new living space is a wonderful opportunity to create something you will enjoy. Think of the color palette and overall style before you make huge changes. Consider affordable DIY options and think of what you can reuse and repurpose in your student apartment. 

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