As we age, our needs change, which is why it is so important to ensure your home is ready to transition into maturity with you. Here are a few things to consider as you renovate your home.


Stairs can become a major obstacle and a potential safety hazard. Moving a basement laundry room upstairs is a must but can be a costly project to undertake. The Saniswift by Saniflo provides a feasible solution to this dilemma with their advanced pump technology that allows you to install a laundry room anywhere in your home, without invasive construction. A spare bedroom or even a closet on the main floor can be transformed into a laundry room without the hassle of major plumbing work!

Photo Source: Saniflo


Consider future lighting issues that may arise. For instance, choose rocker switches that are easier on arthritic hands and ensure there are plenty of lighting options to brighten the room if eye sight depreciates. If you have the budget for it, motion sensor activated light switches can make a huge difference when maneuvering the home at night.

Photo Source: Adorne Timer Switch, Living Lighting


As you’re updating your flooring, ensure that flooring is installed with flush transitions from room to room. Avoid hard flooring like ceramic or stone and high gloss finishes that might be slippery. Instead, opt for easy-to-clean, hassle-free materials like cork, vinyl or linoleum. Avoid wall-to-wall carpet as it can be difficult to clean as your mobility decreases. Instead, opt for throw rugs that can be easily removed if they become an issue in the future.

We love this new flooring which offers the safety of cork with the designer look of hardwood! Photo Source: TORLYS Floors


If you love a good shower, ensure it is something you can enjoy for years to come by opting for a shower base with a built-in seat. Pair this with a hand shower installed within easy reach of the seat. Later, when mobility becomes an issue, simply have a handrail installed for added support and you’ll be able to continue to enjoy your shower!

Photo Source: Fleurco

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