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84695HSpring and summer are the seasons to dust off the welcome mat and throw open your doors to friends and family. Whether you are throwing a big backyard blowout for all your family and friends or an intimate gathering of those closest to you, as the host you want to establish an atmosphere that keeps everyone feeling at home and free to help themselves.

The most important thing is to be prepared. Staying on top of your guest list prior to the event keeps you in control and allows you to plan based on the number of guests. Here are some helpful tips that will have everyone giving a toast to the host:

Set the stage: There are many variables to consider when preparing the setting. If your event is starting during the day make sure your backyard is equipped with shaded areas. Pop-up canopies and patio umbrellas come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be used to keep food out of the sun and offer guests protection from an unexpected rain shower. Also make sure to have plenty of sunscreen on hand for guests.

As your party transitions to the evening there are some new considerations. Outdoor string lights and patio lights can really establish an intimate ambience and have your guests feeling comfortable. Insect control is another issue that needs attention. Citronella candles, tiki lamps, and mosquito coils are all cost effective ways to keep bugs off your guests.

Utilize your grill: A reliable, multi-faceted grill such as a Broil King allows you to cater to your guests by preparing traditional barbeque classics for large events, as well as mouth-watering speciality foods for more intimate gatherings. Equipping your grill with performance accessories can alleviate much of the pressure of grilling for your guests.

When hosting an outdoor dinner party with fewer guests, the focus is on preparing more elaborate dishes such as ribs. The Broil King Rib Roaster retains heat and moisture, cooking ribs completely in under an hour. An internal roasting rack keeps ribs elevated, allowing them to steam in their juices. With the right grill and accessories you are able to prepare your entire meal outdoors, allowing you to stay with your guests and keep the party going.

When hosting a large crowd there are a few options that allow your guests to grab at their leisure. Skewers are a great choice for grill masters looking to combine taste and convenience. Broil King’s stainless steel kebab rack with heat shield holds up to 25 skewers at a time.

When we are talking large outdoor gatherings, you don’t always think pizza party; however Broil King’s Stone Grill Set (Pizza Stone & Peel) allows you to prepare pizza on the grill while guests gather around in anticipation. Remember the key preparing a good pizza on the grill is heat.

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