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Your Bedroom Colour Guide

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Anyone working in the paint or decorating world will tell you that one of the most frequent quandaries is ‘what colour should I paint my bedroom?’ They will also tell you that this presents a unique challenge being that the bedroom is the most personal space. Using colour psychology can help narrow the choices but at the end of the day, literally, at the end of each day, you are the one who lives with the choice.

Restful Pinks

Heading off to dreamland surrounded by a lovely soft pink is soothing and comfortable but that may not go over so well if the sleeping space is shared. A pleasing compromise is to transition over to the family of purples. And what a royal family it is! Your purple may emerge from the bluer tones, creating a relaxing mood. Or go for the luxury and elegance of a more neutral purple.

Perfect Purple

If you’re not ready to invite the pinks or purples into your bedroom, you may find the calm of nature’s blues and greens just the thing to lull you into a peaceful sleep. On trend for the next couple of years, the blues and greens will no doubt be gracing the bedroom walls of many deep sleepers.

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Sometimes though the best answer to ‘what colour should I paint my bedroom?’ is no colour at all. Yes, a beautiful crisp clean white can create an attractive and inviting mood. And it certainly creates a perfect canvas for any accents you choose to add. With white on your walls you express yourself with textiles, bedding, throw pillows, drapery and artwork. And this option gives you the versatility of changing out bursts of colour seasonally, which can be fun.

Great Neutrals

If you’re thinking that a white may be too stark for your bedroom then consider the strong and steady neutrals. Neutral colours on the walls are never a mistake. Don’t forget that the head of the bed is the perfect place to create a personalized focal point for your bedroom. Start by adding a gorgeous colour, try a deep red or wine colour or go with an engaging pattern or richly textured wall-covering and then just lay back and enjoy.

More Great Neutrals

Da Vinci once said that “A well-spent day brings happy sleep”. I feel compelled to add that ‘a well-coloured bedroom brings happy sleep’. Isn’t that something we all could use a little more of?


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