Rob Evans from The Expandables on HGTV Canada chats with Home Trends Magazine and shares his secrets to success. 


“Stick to the basics! Too many times we have demolished someone’s idea of good design because it would have gone out of style too quickly. Classic, simple design is timeless.”


What’s the most memorable project you’ve done on the show?

It’s tough to just pick one! The premise of our show is to unleash the potential in peoples’ homes that they couldn’t see themselves. We wouldn’t accept a project for someone who just wanted a new kitchen, we had to change the way they used their house by making it a home. However, some of the homeowners were more memorable. I rarely crack up at others, but one nameless homeowner (Rob) was seriously concerned about us shooting his socks and we all lost it and couldn’t keep a straight face!

Photo by HGTV Canada

Describe your design style in a few words.

I’m more of an industrial vintage guy. I like exposed raw materials and found pieces. Clean and simple.


What made you want to pursue this career?

I was always a design build guy. I did a brief tour in the Air Force and then owned a graphic design company for fifteen years. I got fed up with the corporate shuffle and wanted to see if I could make a living from building. I haven’t looked back.

Photo by HGTV Canada

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere I go, I take pictures. It’s amazing how a pattern from a manhole cover works its way into a tile pattern for a backsplash.


Do you have something that is priceless to you in your home?

Your favorite item that, say there was a fire, you would grab before going out the door? I’ve got a kid and a puppy that I would probably have to grab first but next would be a Buddha statue we call Kevin, he’s a close second!

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