Whole Care Childcare is a daycare facility that will be opening in January 2023. The center is unique in that it is all-inclusive and dedicated to empowering Indigenous, marginalized and underserved communities, individuals and families. Children with Autism, sensory processing disorder (SPD) and behavioral challenges will feel at home here with the state of the art sensory room, daily meditation and yoga. They will be inviting Indigenous elders and artists from the community to host educational activities and arts and crafts.

Designer Stephanie Hilton has been working with UGTS (Unique Get Together Society) for the past two years on this project. Finding a suitable property was not an easy task. It needed to meet a long wish list including a large open outdoor play space, enough room for an infant care space and a 3-5 space, plus a sensory room and offices. An older home on a lot zoned for commercial proved to be the perfect solution and so renovations have begun!

Unlike most daycares, Stephanie avoided the use of bold colors for this project. “This project was very interesting to work on.” says Stephanie. “I had to go back to my schooling days and learn about color theory for people with autism and SPD.”

As a result, a more neutral scheme of soft pastel colors and light wood tones will create a calm environment for all children.

The center embraces the 21st century learning style which refers to developing learning, literacy and life skills as part of the classroom experience. Learning skills encompass critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication, which have been identified as essential for successfully adapting to modern work environments. In a day care setting, this means having mobile, adaptable furniture that will facilitate any type of learning and a variety of activities. It also allows the children the freedom and autonomy of choosing what feels right for them, on that day. Stephanie and her team custom designed the millwork and most of it provides multiple functions.

The facility will offer a variety of learning & activity spaces for the children to learn and explore their individual interests, such as reading nooks, soft and hard seating, floor seating, traditional chair seating, standing activity tables, and a variety of individual or group activities they can choose from.

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