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Black is the new Black

Do you love the way you feel after slipping into your little black dress (LBD)? Black is not only a great shade on you—it’s also a great shade for your home, say specialists in this field. The stylish finish is especially perfect in the kitchen—and can be seen in everything from kitchen appliances, to hardware… and now even the faucet. Make your kitchen feel just as good as you do in your favourite LBD with the magic of black.

Appliance Accents

Stainless steel appliances exude the aura of a high-end, professional kitchen. But the modern stainless appliance wouldn’t be complete without rich, black accents. From iron-work grates and griddles on stainless stoves, to refrigerators with black ice makers and handles, the combination of black and stainless conveys professionalism and power.

A Dramatic Finish

The sink is, without a doubt, the most used area in the kitchen. From filling cups to washing dishes, rinsing fruits and vegetables to replenishing Fido’s bowl, the sink is used dozens of times per day. That said, it should be the first place we consider when it comes to décor… not just an afterthought. Since it’s such a central area, why not give your sink a bit of character by adding a dramatic black faucet? Very popular is the Arbor kitchen faucet in a Matte Black finish from Moen. It provides a streamlined appearance that coordinates perfectly with black or stainless/black kitchen appliances and accessories. The collection also features the Moen Reflex system on pullout and pulldown kitchen faucets. Reflex allows for unmatched performance that offers smooth operation, easy movement and secure retraction.

Sophisticated Surfaces

Countertops play a large role in the function of a kitchen, setting the stage for food preparation, the use and display of everything from toasters to tea pots, and activities from surfing the internet to entertaining guests. Black granite countertops can be a great addition to an already sophisticated kitchen. And, the options are far more extensive than basic black, ranging from midnight black to a more mixed shade, with secondary colours of grey, white, or even bolder hues, like sapphire.

Dramatic Radiance

Light fixtures can often set the tone for the entire room, both by the light they give off and the look of the fixture. Create a new appearance for your kitchen and dining area by adding a bold choice in lighting. Chandeliers with vintage-style ironwork, strings of black glass or crystal beads, or even dramatic black prints, can be a beautiful accent to an elegant kitchen—the pièce de résistance to tie the whole room together.

With just a few stylish, dark-hued accents, you can create a kitchen that stands out, instead of simply blending in. More information is available online at www.moen.ca.


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