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Black: The Go-to Color for Windows

Much like it does in the form of your trusty LBD, black can serve you well in the realm of home decor as well. As far as exterior paint goes, black and dark colors in general have a certain timeless yet contemporary charm to them, and according to the experts at Spray-Net, black is hands-down their most popular color for painting aluminum and vinyl windows. Here’s why:

Bang for Your Buck

While subtlety may serve you well in the form of a haircut, when it comes to home renovation, the changes you make should have visual impact. Using black on your exterior windows is bold, dramatic, and definitely impactful, lending it a stylishness that you will never grow bored of. 

It’s Low Maintenance

Arguably the most important factor when it comes to your home’s exterior, is it’s maintenance. Living in Canada, where homes are subject to turbulent weather conditions, it’s important to factor in how the paint you choose will interact with environmental elements. While dark colors are typically more likely to warp than they light counterparts, Spray-Net‘s advanced technology includes paints with solar-reflective pigments, specially formulated for application on aluminum and vinyl windows. This will prevent warping and ensure long-lasting results for your dark paint application. TIP: Painting your windows a darker color will mask any existing nicks and scratches, and will show dirt less than white or light colors would. 

It’s Easy to Match

As far as practically goes, black is a wise choice for your windows in that it tends to compliment most, if not all, color schemes. A myriad of materials also pair well with black, including light or red brick, stone, and grey stucco. This means that your exterior paint color can be changed without having to change the black. Black and other dark hues provide eye-popping contrast, which will lend your home’s exterior dimension, ensuring it stands out from others on your block. 

It’ll Boost Your Curb Appeal

Revamping your windows with black is a sure-fire way to boost your home’s curb appeal; to boot, it’s one of those rare renovations that won’t cost a lot in return for effective results! According to the experts at Spray-Net, black is not a mere “hot trend,” rather a chic and modern neutral, which can be used to refresh anything from your windows, to your doors, soffits, fascias, and gutters. 


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