When it comes to home renovations, there are a handful of rooms that really stand out as dream rooms with most homeowners. The master bathroom is definitely one of those rooms.

Visions of a spacious, spa-inspired spaces fuel the dreams and inspiration boards of homeowners from coast to coast. However, at eieihome.com, we don’t believe that creating a magnificent, luxury bathroom has to remain a dream.

The Biggest Impact for the Money

When you begin planning your bathroom renovation, be sure to start from the ground up, literally. The flooring and tile work that goes into your bathroom plays a very important role in the overall design of the space. They are not just the backdrop, but the anchor for everything else in the room.

It is with that in mind that we spoke to the experts at Saltillo Tile, a team of Canadian tile and flooring experts based in Ontario and Alberta, to get their expert opinion on how homeowners can upgrade their bathroom without overextending their budget.

Saltillo Tile specializes in providing designers and homeowners with an incredible selection of natural stone, glass, porcelain, slate, terracotta, mosaic and handmade tile. This means that when you want to add a luxurious new look to your bathroom, there are a lot of options for any size budget.

“I honestly believe that Saltillo has the best selection [of tile] in Canada,” says Margie Doyle-White, professional interior designer and former co-host of the popular Canadian home improvement show Take this Home and Sell It. “They have so much colour available, which is really important since so many other tiles stores tend to stick with neutrals. There are things at Saltillo tile that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Set the Stage

No matter what type of tub, countertops or other fixtures you decide to install, your flooring and shower tile will always be the stars in your new bathroom. The primary reason for this is the amount of the relatively small room that they cover.

Just think about the images of those gorgeous bathrooms featured on sites like Houzz or Pinterest. What draws the eye? Sure, you may enjoy the sight of a gorgeous standup shower, but chances are, it isn’t the shower head that drew your attention, but rather the tile work that pulls it all together.

The same can be said of a bathroom that is anchored by beautiful flooring, such as the gorgeous, classically designed marble mosaics that are often featured in magazines and some of your favourite design shows.

Expert Service Makes a Difference

With over 25 years of experience providing top quality tiles to Canadian homeowners, Saltillo Tile has built a reputation for providing personalized customer service that goes beyond the showroom. In fact, you can speak to them about scheduling a personalized in-home consultation.

An in-home consultation with Saltillo Tile allows one of their local tile experts to get a first-hand feel for the room. Then, they can recommend flooring and shower tiles that work together and work best for the overall design of the bathroom.

To speak with an expert at Saltillo Tile, be sure to stop by one of their three locations in Toronto, Ottawa, or Calgary. You can also call head office at 416 441 2224 and mention code “Mexico” for additional discounts, or visit the website at http://www.saltillo-tiles.com to learn more about how they can help you create the bathroom of your dreams … from the ground up!

Image Source: Doyle Design

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Visit Saltillo Tile on eieihome.com to view galleries, watch videos, and learn more about how they can help improve your home.

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