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Chairs That Make A Statement

For as long as I can remember I have always loved chairs, some for their simplicity others for their complexity.. or maybe it’s just because I’m lazy!

With every good design comes a good chair. I’m known for incorporating mid-century modern pieces of furniture in where I can, and I usually do so with a chair.

Here are my top 6 favourite chairs (many of which can be found at Design Within Reach www.dwr.com):

  1. Brno Flat Bar Chair
  2. Bertoia Side Chair
  3. Gilt Chiavari Chair
  4. Panton Chair
  5. Ikea Tobais Chair
  6. Louis XVI Chair

Shown Here: Louis XVI Chair & Panton Chair

Chairs can create such a statement in a space, they can become more of a sculpture or focal point depending on the chair and how you use it in the design. I’ve included a photo of a space I designed using the classic Eames rocker (I love any chair that rocks.. I’m a French Canadian boy and we love to relax!!) and you can see that the chair really creates drama in the space which is exactly what I wanted. There are so many options available in terms of size, shape, colour and texture for chairs today allowing you to really get creative in what you choose. A transparent Louis Ghost chair will look good with almost any décor because of its traditional shape but it will add flare with its modern polycarbonate body.


Shown Here: Bertoia Side Chair & Brno Flat Bar Chair

Chairs can be either an investment piece or they can be non-committal depending on the price you pay. It’s smart to invest in durable dining room chairs and lounge chairs for your living room because these are pieces that are used regularly and not often replaced. If you’re just looking to add some interest into a space, but not willing to spend a fortune, you can easily find an inexpensive reproduction of a famous chair- try looking on Queen Street West in Toronto. This way you don’t have to shy away from buying something because you’re afraid you won’t like it in a few years.. when you decide it’s time for a change, you won’t feel so bad about swapping it out for something new because you didn’t spend all of your savings on it!

Shown Here:  Ikea Tobias Chair  & Flux Chair

One of my FAVOURITE chairs for this summer would have to be the Flux chair. I recently featured it on CityLine and it was a hit!! This is a chair you can literally take everywhere!! It’s very lightweight, made of polypropylene which means it’s good for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s foldable- becoming almost flat (great for small spaces) and it has a handle so that you can carry it! It easily bends into place, in a matter of 5 or 10 seconds, and it’s extremely comfortable!! It comes in a variety of vibrant colours and it’s affordable, retailing for $199.00 US. Check it out at http://www.fluxchairs.com/. If you invite me over this summer for a BBQ I might show up with my flux chair. I told you I was lazy!!!

Main Photo: Space Designed with an Eames Rocker

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