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Child-Approved Fall Decor

Is your indoor décor ready & child-approved for the fall?

With warmer days slowly leaving us, Canadian families need to start thinking about how they can prepare for chillier days spent indoors. When it comes to furniture, the trend since 2020 has clearly been focused on space-saving and multi-functionality. The idea is not only to enhance your home but also to make it more entertaining! With no apparent slowdown in pace, we are seeing this trend continue not only for 2022 but for many more years to come.

Play couches: A trend here to stay

If you have never heard of the concept of play couches, you are in for a treat! This type of “deconstructed sofa” which will elegantly fit any room décor within your home, is in fact a toy specially designed for children. No more need to quickly hide toys in the closet when guests show up unannounced!

But despite its good looks, climbing, jumping and playing with the cushions is very much encouraged with this type of modular furniture. Able to transform from a couch into anything kids can imagine, these oversized foam pieces are multi-functional for the entire family, and versatile to adapt with your lifestyle. Rain or shine after a long day of school, play couches have you covered when it comes to providing children the opportunity to stay active during playtime.

When it comes to choosing which play couch is the best fit for your family, Canadians are more than lucky, as many companies have begun to develop these types of products in the last year. Our personal favorite is Go Coconut, one of the very few companies to choose to manufacture 100% of their products in Canada.

Why do we believe the Coconut stands out?

There are quite a few reasons, beginning with their design ❤️ If most companies offer a product that is rather similar between themselves, the Coconut distinguishes with its slightly smaller size allowing for more functionality. For example, their longer beam than most companies along with its flat top revolutionizes the stability and height of any build. You can also lay 2 Coconuts side by side to transform into a Queen size bed for your slumber parties, a unique feature to this brand! They also thought about every detail on their design with customers in mind: hidden tabs for the zippers, easily washable covers and minimalist aesthetic. Available in 15 colors that will pop into any décor, what’s not to love?

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