One of the most essential pieces of furniture or decoration in any living quarter are the curtains. They are both ornamental and can be used practically to filter heat and light whilst ensuring privacy also. To install these correctly it is essential that a curtain pole is erected in the proper fashion; this allows for a lack of functional problems whilst simultaneously adding to the window place’s aesthetic value.

Choosing the right pole

The first step to take in installing a curtain pole is to measure the length of the window where the curtains are to be located. Once this measurement has been noted a small amount of surplus should be noted to this figure as this allows both for the curtains to be pushed fully aside of the window when need without any of the glass being covered. The optimum length for a pole should be about five inches longer than the length of the window.

The next consideration should be the material which the pole is made from. This could, ultimately, be down to a question of budget but there are a couple of other factors worth addressing. If the curtain is made of heavy material then the purchase pole would have to be strong enough to support this. So, for example, to hang a pair of velvet curtains an individual would have to invest in a sturdier pole than if they were hanging voile curtains. The more durable types of curtain pole are usually more expensive than their cheaper alternatives and, as such, metal and woods are costlier than plastic versions.

Marking the poles position

Once an appropriate length pole has been purchased it is important to not just try and mount it blindly. Before erecting the pole it is essential to make appropriate measurements and adding markings to where it will go; using a tape measure and pencil are best for this. The first measurement that should be made is height; measure the length of the curtains to make sure the pole is suspended high enough off the ground so that it does not trail on the floor. After this making marking for where the brackets should be placed at the side of the window place and, is possible, mark the location of each hole the screws will enter.

Erecting the pole

Drilling options will alter depending on the surface that this is to take place on. If the area surrounding the window consists of brick or plaster it may be necessary to use a masonry drill bit. However, for wooden walls a wooden drill bit should be utilised. One thing that does not alter, regardless of surface, is the fact that protective goggles should be worn whenever a drill is used so as to protect the eyes. Drill into where each of the screws are to be placed into the wall before holding the bracket over these holes. Depending on the type of wall again, the screws can either be inserted with a screwdriver or, for drywalls, a drill. Once attached to the wall check the brackets are secure and there are no loose screws. Once this has been done it is possible to erect the curtain pole.

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