Text by Nancy Goertzen


-plastic flower pot with a stand
-dry floral sponge (for silk arrangements)
-floral wire
-ribbon (different sizes, color that goes with the rest of your choices, the larger ribbons need to have the wire in it, this way you can form the bow better)
-Christmas picks (color of your choice)
green pine Garland (for filler)
-1 piece of oak or any tree log, 3 inches wide (length depends on the pot you have chosen) The log needs to be at least 6 inches out of the pot.
-drill and 11/2 chisel bit
-wire cutters
-tube of silicone (for log and a little around the inside of the pot to hold the sponge in place)
-hot glue gun (for some flowers)
-tea light
-ornament, making sure that it’s flat on one side (optional)
-can of snow (optional)

Step One
Drill hole in center of log for the Tea Light (deep enough for the tea light.

Step Two
Put some silicone at the bottom of the pot where the log will sit then add a little bit around the pot for the sponge. (Glue from the hot glue gun will melt the sponge.)

Step Three
Stuff the sides with pieces of floral sponge making it a tight fit.

These next few steps you need to make sure you stay away from the top where the candle will be.

Step Four
Use your wire cutters and cut different lengths of garland, and poke the tips into the sponge, making long pieces on the two sides. You can either have one or both sides long. Fill up around log. If you have an ornament that you wish to add, this is the time to use the hot glue gun and glue it to the log.

Step Five
Now add some of your Christmas pick. If you would like to add some flowers towards the ends of the garland…then pop the flowers off the picks and hot glue them on.

Step Six
Ribbon….cut in different lengths and fold over and use the floral wire like a twist tie then poke it into the arrangement.

Step Seven
You can spray some snow over the arrangement if you like.

Making Small Bow
Cut small ribbon about 10” and make a small bow, just keep doubling it up, then use a small piece of wire in the center of the ribbon and twist tie it, making sure you have enough wire to poke into the arrangement.

The reason why I like to use logs in this way is that you can easily take the candle out and replace it with a new one, and there’s no mess from the wax leaking all over your arrangements.

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