As seen in Canadian Home Trends Magazine – Fall 2013 Digital Edition – Household Solutions: How to Clean Practically Anything

Reena Nerbas is a best selling author and household solution extraordinaire! Here are some of her innovative solutions to help make your home sparkle.

Cleaning a Butcher Block


For everyday cleaning, wipe butcher block with dish soap and water. Rinse with water. To sanitize butcher block, combine one part white vinegar into a spray bottle with four parts water.  Spray and leave for ten minutes. wipe. When the time comes to oil butcher block, food grade mineral oil is recommended. This prevents wood from smelling rancid over time. Butcher block is beautiful and durable, and can last for many years if cared for properly.

Cleaning White Casseroles


Smear the dishes with toothpaste and scrub with an abrasive S.O.S pad. If the stains remain, fill the dishes with half cup 3% hydrogen peroxide and enough water to cover the stains. Add 2 tbsp. salt and leave in a sunny area for a few hours, scrub with an S.O.S pad.

Cleaning Suede Fabric

Brown Suede Ottoman (Top Orthogonal View)

If the fabric gets muddy, wait until the dirt dries and then use a nail brush and brush the fabric all over in the same direction to remove the dirt. Get rid of scuff marks by rubbing the marks with a pencil eraser and then wiping the nap with your nail brush. If the suede becomes wet, dampen the entire area and then sponge off the water. If you just want to give the fabric a general face lift, sprinkle with baking soda and then brush the nap back and forth with a damp nail brush. However, if the suede is a synthetic fabric, you will be able to clean it with plain old water and dish soap. Rinse and let dry.



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