Temperatures are rising, winds are picking up, and rain is beating down to the tune of Mother Nature’s drum. President of Let It Rain, Bruno Levesque, has been warning homeowners for years; the climate is changing, and so should your approach to investing in a new roof.

“As roofers, we have been trying to prevent damage to homes and buildings by promoting the best products to our customers” he says. Nature’s assaults are strong, but at the frontline, we have our roofs to defend us and keep us safe. That is why we have to invest in higher grade products and service techniques. As technology advances, products become more resilient to hotter, wetter, and windier weather. “You can’t put a price on shelter.” Bruno enforces, “It is our corporate responsibility to upsell our environmentally sustainable products and services simply because they are worth the investment.”

Every roofing company should be able to confidently present their customer with an ‘integrity roofing system,’ one which Let It Rain does with pride. Most people do not know the complete and proper components which comprise a highquality roof system. The integrity of a roof depends on being stronger than the sum of its parts. These include:

A) Metal drip-edge
B) Waterproof eave protection
C) Starter shingles
D) Roof shingles
E) Hip and ridge caps
F) Roof ventilation

These elements are designed to provide optimum performance for years to come. Any reputable roofing company should be knowledgeable on each aspect, certified, and backed by a manufacturer warranty guaranteeing their workmanship; guaranteeing your safety. At the end of the day, the fight against climate change and your roof can only be fought with the proper materials for an environmentally sound and sustainable roof.

– Let It Rain, www.letitrain.ca

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