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As Seen In: 2020 Cottages Special Edition

Just because you have a beautiful beach side cottage, doesn’t mean that it has to be a basic cliché white and blue bungalow. I suggest a more avant-garde, curated approach to your cottage. Perhaps consider using a rich color in one of the rooms to add a sense of drama and coziness. Instead of choosing wood and basket elements, explore more striking and sculptural inspired pieces of furniture.

It’s all about creating a sense of ageless beauty and seducing the senses through design. A well designed space is one that tells your story before you’ve spoken a word because the very essence of who you are is woven into your design. To do that, it must be unique. A lot of people default to the classic staples and trend-based basics because it takes that extra special dedication to find out just what you like.

I encourage you to do the work to find out what really resonates with you or hire someone to aid in that process so that your space meets its full potential. Be brave and choose pieces that inspire you. Life’s too short for mediocrity and if there’s one thing for sure, the world doesn’t need another basic cottage.

Text by Designer Chrissy Cottrell,

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