Working from home can present its challenges and definitely has both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that you get to create your own office space which represents your very own personal style and therefore a place you look forward to going to without the commute. When designing the Nella Casa Bella home office, I had fun since this was one space where I didn’t have to consult with my husband nor my clients. I was free to do as I wished but within budget of course.


The Office Space: Before

If I had to sum up my personal décor style in two words they would have to be: Hollywood Glam. I love the drama of black in contrast to the crispness of white. The paint colour I chose for this room is Benjamin Moore CC-490 Stone Hearth. This smokey taupe is one of my personal favorites. Since I work with colour all day I wanted something soothing to the eyes. Also I get bored and like to change things up often so this neutral colour allows me to do so without having to repaint each time the mood strikes.


The Office Space: After

When designing a home office, it should definitely be practical and functional but it should also represent you. For example, if you love to travel and work so that you can afford this luxury then hang pictures or souvenirs of your travels, place a globe on your desk or even frame a map of places you want to visit. Have fun and surround yourself with things that you love and inspire you!

Simple tips for working at home:

1) Get up and get dressed as though you were off to an outside workplace. You are less productive in your bathrobe.

2) Set your hours and stick to them; take at least 2 small breaks and a lunch as you would at an outside workplace. If you follow this you can have a balance between work-life and home-life.

3) Don’t get distracted by the television, household errands and family members.

4) Set up lunches with colleagues or join a network group so you get out once in awhile if your job doesn’t require you to meet with clients. It can get lonely and depressing at times without the presence of coworkers or bosses.

5) Most importantly – Love what you do, do what you love!

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