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There are plenty of articles and blogs on staging the interior of your home … we talk about cleaning, decluttering and depersonalizing, furniture placement, accessorizing, etc. But what about the exterior of your home … the first thing people see when they drive by after seeing your listing online or as they wait outside for their realtor? This is where their emotional connection – or not – begins.

Remember, the entire time your home is for sale, your exterior is on stage. Bad curb appeal can actually discourage a potential buyer from wanting to even look inside. If that fact isn’t enough to convince you, consider that the outdoor space of your property can increase the overall value of your home by up to 7%!

So … let’s get started. It’s springtime and without a little time and effort, all yards tend to look unkempt as we transition to warmer weather. Some simple tasks that can make a huge difference are:

  • Rake and cut the lawn, get rid of moldy leaves, and weed the garden
  • Dig out any dead plants
  • Pressure wash the steps – or the entire exterior of the home if required
  • Get a new front door mat – no words, please – keep it simple and tidy
  • Put some color at the front entry way – a wreath on the door, a colored pot, some pretty flowers
  • Don’t forget to let the sunshine in – trim down tall trees or bushes, and wash the windows!
  • Sweep sidewalks, decks, and driveways
  • Attend to minor repairs – doors that don’t close properly, peeling paint, doorbell not working, rusty mailbox, exterior lights not working, loose railings, etc.

Now, look outside your back windows. What do you see? Does the garage need attention? Is the fence sagging or leaning? Make any necessary repairs to the deck and then create a welcoming retreat by arranging patio furniture even if it’s not quite warm enough to sit outside. Add some colorful pillows, pots, or fun LED trees that come on automatically in the evening.

Update with one new item. There has never been a better time for outdoor rooms … so many accessories, art, lighting, and really fun colors! This is not the time to release your quirky inner design diva – no Spanish style or Roman pillars. Go for a relaxing, calming space with mainstream style.

Create that connection for the next buyer by creating a backyard that is inviting to anyone.

For more tips on outdoor ideas that help improve the value of your home, follow experts like Carson Arthur. Here is just one tip of his.

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