Every home has some sort of entryway and even if it’s not an official “mudroom,” it certainly has the capability to be. Insist on your entryway making a statement with these six simple ideas. 


Lend a rustic and organic look to your entryway with this DIY tree branch coatrack project. All you’ll need is a tree branch, (this example uses birch), and shelf-and-rod brackets which can be obtained from your local Home Hardware.  

Photo Source: marthastewart.com

Details and instructions.


If you don’t have the wall space to mount the branch, why not suspend it! This example uses chain link, eye hooks, and screw anchors.  

Photo Source: houseandhome.com

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Geometric shapes without a double add visual intrigue to any space and in this mudroom example, these honeycomb mirror tiles not only catch the eye, but catch the light as well. 

Photo Source: shelterness.com

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Keep dirty shoes off the ground, eliminate risky trip hazards, or simply award yourself more storage with this wood create idea. Not all mudrooms and entryways are created equal, size-wise, so configure the crates in a shape and size that works for your space.  

Photo Source: hometalk.com

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Speaking of keeping messy shoes off the floor, this river rock drip tray is equal parts practical and pretty.  

Photo Source: realitydaydream.com

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If you’ve got the room in your entryway, you can’t really go wrong with a creative bench, especially if it doubles as storage. This church pew bench idea may not suite everyone’s tastes, but we give it points for originality! 

Photo Source: linkawon.com

Details and instructions.

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