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If the long days of persistent sunlight aren’t enticing you to be outside, like,  all the time, perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading your outdoor space into an outdoor oasis. Keep reading for what’s on-trend for deck and patio décor this year.  


The Stay-cation 

So you’re thirsting for a vacay? Well, join the club! Luckily, a mid-summer escape could be closer than you think. Tropical vibes are trendy for outdoor spaces this year, when it comes to both color and vegetation. Think: lively splashes of orange and yellow, ocean-toned blues, and lots and lots of green.  


Urban Jungle 

As we see a shift towards city-dwelling, (aka condo and apartment-living), we’re also seeing an increase in purposeful fusion between the aforementioned urbanity and less urban aspects. If you happen to be embracing the urban life, try to break up the bleak concrete with contrasting color, cottage-chic-charm, and organic elements. (For inspiration, see: jungalow.) 


Faux Formal 

Though the concept of integrating indoor elements into outdoor spaces is a trend that began bourgeoning last year, it’s one that’s still being embraced wholeheartedly to date. The juxtaposition between indoors and out is one that’s being employed in a style-forward way, via statement furniture and accent pieces, such as chandelier lighting, luxe drapes, and other textiles and accessories that we’re not used to seeing outdoors.  


Outdoor Dining 

In addition to being a popular time to entertain outdoors, the past few years have seen an increase in interest of actually cooking outdoors. And trendiness aside, the upsides of cooking outdoors are plain. To name a few of those aforementioned upsides: more room for guests, less stress about smoke and smells, not to mention having an outdoor kitchen of some sort can increase the value of your home! Interested in setting up an outdoor kitchen of your own?  Click here for a few of our appliance recommendations, courtesy of Tasco Appliances

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