Decorating a small space can be a challenging task. Many people are under the misconception that small spaces cannot be made to look larger, but that is simply not the case. Not every house in every neighborhood is a McMansion with ample space and large rooms, and those who live in homes a little more modest want to get the most bang for their buck. Fortunately, decorating small spaces, while challenging at times, is completely doable. The right colors, décor and furniture can make any small space look large.

Color, Pattern and Size Matter

The common misconception is that dark colors only make small spaces look smaller. The truth is that when dark colors are used correctly they can actually enhance a small space and make it look much larger than it is. Of course, lighter colors always open up a room, but if you like options you can paint your small rooms with dark hues. The trick to making a small room look larger with dark paint is all in the accents. Painting the trim and ceiling in a lighter hue from the same color family will make the room appear larger. Additionally, wall sconces with colored glass are a great addition to a room with dark paint. The sconces reflect light upward and create an ambiance that enlarges the room to the naked eye.

Large furniture makes a small room look smaller. While it is better to use smaller furniture in a smaller space, you can have large furniture. If you choose a large couch you must keep the rest of your furniture small. A small chair with no arms and a console table will complete the look of the room without making it look cramped. Console tables are a great alternative to coffee tables in a small room because they are taller and can be pushed up against the back of a couch or any wall space. Furthermore, storage pieces are great for small rooms. You can hide your living room necessities inside your furniture so that they are easily accessible without cluttering your space and making it look smaller.

An area rug is a great way to enhance any space by adding style and elegance. Bold patterns make small spaces look smaller. Choose an area rug in a neutral color with a smaller pattern to maximize space. The pattern of your furniture also lends space to the room when you choose light, neutral colors that complement the color scheme of the room.


Mirrors are a great way to make any small space look larger. Placing mirrors on one wall to reflect the wall across from it increases the look of your space significantly. Not only do mirrors make a room look larger, they reflect light, which also makes rooms look larger. Light plays a big role in making small spaces look larger, which is why it is important not to block windows with large furniture. By hanging curtain rods directly beneath the ceiling you can make your room look taller, which will draw the eye upward creating the effect of a larger space.

Keep clutter to a minimum when decorating the surfaces of your small space. Too many frames and bric-a-brac will make the room appear smaller and cluttered. One of the worst things you can do to small spaces is covering every inch of available space with stuff. Keep your decorations to a minimum to maximize your space. Decorating a small room is challenging, but it can be done. By remembering that less is more you can create a larger look for any small space.


Ben Sawyer bought a house in Queens a few weeks ago. He saw many new houses for sale in New York City  and he finally found an affordable one. In order to save his money he painted the walls and  decorated whole house by himself. He bought furniture to fit his small rooms,  placing mirrors to reflect more light which made the space feel larger than it is. In this article, he shares some of the tips he learned in the process.

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