WHAT COMES TO MIND WHEN YOU ENVISION PERFECT MULTI-FACETED LIVING SPACES? Is it an expansive amount of counter space at which to cook, work, or entertain freely? Abundant and practical cabinet organization to keep clutter at bay? Perhaps the answer is all of the above, along with a cozy spot to retreat after the long day is complete. This stunning townhouse has it all: spaces that combine beauty with function, promote comfort and relaxation, and make time at home enjoyable for this active family of three. 

The family has been working and schooling from home since the beginning of the pandemic. Needless to say, this professional couple and their teenage daughter had become well acquainted with their spaces and motivated to make some changes for the better.

Their main focus was to remodel the kitchen, where they hoped to create a functional layout for everyday use. They also loved the idea of incorporating a home office right into the kitchen itself. 

However, they knew that renovating the kitchen alone wouldn’t create the full transformation they were looking for. Kitchens interact intimately with their adjacent spaces, especially family rooms, and they were determined to elevate their daily living experience from top to bottom. Together with Designer Lori Steeves, they redesigned the kitchen and living area to increase work surfaces and storage solutions, create comfortable and luxurious spaces to unwind, and update the overall aesthetic to fit their more modern, collected taste. 

Expansive counter space, a functional layout, and clean, practical organization… that is what every hardworking kitchen should include. Being mindful that this is where the homeowner and her daughter spend most of their time working, Lori’s primary focus was on keeping this space bright and polished to help promote increased productivity

The original kitchen layout felt small and cramped because of the poor placement of an existing peninsula. In order to expand the space and maximize the surface area, the peninsula was replaced by a long, narrow island with seating for four. Perfect for spreading out while completing work assignments or enjoying a refreshing midday cup of tea together.

Countless details go into creating a beautiful and functional design, especially for a kitchen, but practical storage solutions are fundamental to making the space flow well and function seamlessly. Without it, it becomes too easy for clutter and disorganization to seep in. 

Lori developed a thoughtful plan of action to remove an inefficient pantry closet and integrate storage around the refrigerator, a more organized and accessible location. Not only did it give this space a renewed sense of purpose, but it improved accessibility and daily usage.

From an aesthetic perspective, gorgeous walnut veneer cabinets add stunning, grainy texture, while modern brass accents infuse the space with added luxury. The geometric pattern of the backsplash reflects a pop of playful refinement, perfectly fitting the family’s personality

We put our creativity to work, positioning the mother-daughter workstation parallel to the skylight to prevent glare on the computer screens. Setting up a beautifully designed and dedicated workspace is crucial to maximizing productivity when working and schooling from home. The stunning light gray cabinets, simple brass accents, and clean lines offer a neat and organized space that is separate but still cohesive with the rest of the space 

Other benefits include great lighting, ample storage, and the fact that this space is offset enough that another family member could easily cook, prepare a meal, or even entertain without running into each other. 

Next, is the family room. Work had already begun on this room but the homeowners ran into issues with their fireplace ductwork. Lori’s team resolved the fireplace venting issue and created a wall of millwork that seamlessly incorporated the existing marble tile surround, reflecting light and adding to the brightness of the space. The millwork not only hides the unsightly vent, it also adds a significant amount of functional storage.

On the other side of the room is a comfortable and personal lounging area where the family can relax and enjoy quality time together. The existing sectional was given a fresh look with a bright combination of throw pillows in cool colors and patterns, making this space the epitome of comfort. The warm wood finish on the coffee table carries this element in from the kitchen, tying the two areas together.

To add character to the space, Lori used whimsical design elements and intentionally curated a personalized gallery wall of cherished artwork and family photos. The jumping off point for the color scheme was a colorful elk painting done by their daughter. These are the final touches that bring a smile to your face. 

While uncluttered and methodical workspaces are beneficial for happiness and productivity, Lori would argue that it is equally valuable to have a restorative retreat where you can begin and end each day. Imagine starting your day with a fresh cup of coffee and enjoying the dancing flames of the fire as snow, or more likely in Vancouver, rain, falls outside. A quiet, beautiful moment to set your day up for success.

The homeowners could not be happier with their comfortable, refined, and functional new rooms. With thoughtful consideration and a plan of action, Lori transformed these two areas of their home into spaces that work well and feel good. In fact, they had these incredibly kind words to share: 

“Lori is a genuinely talented Designer. I have had the pleasure of working with many interior designers both personally and professionally over the last 30 years, and Lori has a true gift. My entire family is thrilled with how her design for our new kitchen and living room turned out. She somehow managed to consider all of our various tastes and made it feel like our home.” Lori Steeves, Simply Home Decorating, www. simplyhomedecorating.com 

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