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Design Therapy: 9 Tips to Prevent Closet Disasters


My closet is a disaster. I never know when to get rid of something and I’m getting to the point where I don’t know where to put things anymore. Help!

I’m here to help! Closets hold some of our most treasured belongings: clothes, belts, jewelry, and, of course, shoes! We never seem to throw anything out thinking we may need it again. I’m going to help you turn your closet into a fashionista’s dream.

  1. Cut clutter by asking yourself, “If I saw this in a store today, would I buy it?” If the answer is no, get rid of it.
  2. Longer pieces, such as skirts, topcoats and dresses, should be hung with about 66” of space from the floor.
  3. Keep suits together so that pants don’t go missing.
  4. Have at least two sets of shoetrees so you can alternate them in your shoes and boots in-between wearing them.
  5. Use separations in the drawers to better organize smaller items.
  6. Use drawers inside your closet for your jewelry, accessories and intimates.
  7. Bring a soft scent to your closet with unopened bars of soap placed inside.
  8. Separate short-sleeve shirts from long-sleeve shirts or blouses. Within that category, colour block them from left-to-right, lightest-to-darkest, or follow the colours of the rainbow.
  9. For double closet bars, the top bar should be about 39” from the bottom bar, and the bottom bar should be 42” from the floor.

As Seen In: Canadian Home Trends Magazine Spring 2014

Photo Source: California Closet

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