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Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most communally used room in the home, and a home’s biggest selling point which is all the more reason to customize it to stand out and stand the test of time.  

Customize Your Faucet with the Momenti Collection 

At the crux of bathroom customization is Riobel, with their recently debuted Momenti Collection. Via the Momenti website, customers can custom-build their bathroom faucet with ease and view virtual renderings of their design every step of the way. You have the option to choose between 2 spout shapes, 4 different handles and 7 finishes for a faucet that is truly perfect just for you!

Customize the Layout 

There are three main types of bathroom floor plans: one-, two- or three-wall layouts. The one-wall layout is the most common because it is the most cost-effective, while the two- and three-wall layouts require additional plumbing setup but allow for users to make better use of their bathroom space.  

Customize Your Lighting 

The ways in which you can light your bathroom are practically infinite, though ideally you want to illuminate your mirror at about eye level in order to eliminate shadows when you look into the mirror. More custom lighting options to consider are ceiling-mounted fixtures, such as chandeliers or pendant lights, for general bathroom lighting, and moisture-proof enclosed lights to illuminate a closed-in shower.

TIP: Mounting light sources, such as wall sconces, directly onto your mirror will make your space feel larger, as the light will bounce off the mirror and double their impact.   

Customize Your Shower 

When it comes to you shower, there are a few styles to choose from, depending on lifestyle and budget. Classic, glass showers are easy to clean, nice looking, and are generally a safe bet for most homeowners but if budget allows, steam showers or multi-showers can lend an air of spa-like sophistication to any bathroom.  

Customize Your Vanity 

Besides providing coveted bathroom storage, your bathroom vanity, if designed with your family’s specific needs in mind, can ease traffic in a shared bathroom and lend overall ease to your space. In addition to tailoring the size of your vanity, other customizable elements include: number of sinks, mounting options, (freestanding, wall-mounted, corner-mounted), and vanity material. To read more about how to pick out the perfect vanity for your bathroom, click here.

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