Synthesis Design has been located in Vancouver for over 27 years. Our connection to our community is deeply engrained in what we do, and we are always drawing on inspiration from our surroundings in our work. When considering how to maximize the space of our studio, expanding and renovating our rooftop deck was a no-brainer. Having our design studio in an area without many amenities, we wanted to create an environment for staff to be able to relax, enjoy the sun and the view. A space for our designers and staff to be inspired.

The inspiration behind the design of the rooftop deck was to create a natural environment that was conducive to creativity and a place to escape the studio for fresh air and a fresh outlook. Flat roofs are often seen simply as ways to keep the “outside out” but they can be so much more! These often under appreciated building systems should be  transformed whenever possible to “bring the outside in”.

Our rooftop deck has 3 unique spaces, yet remains incredibly spacious and open; truly the perfect spot for entertaining and celebrating as a team. Two large bubble chairs serve as the ideal location to read, think, or nap. Our outdoor dining area is great for birthday lunches, Synthesis celebrations, and for hosting numerous summertime parties with our community. Our large, open lounge section is the heart of our office. When the weather permits, we flock to the rooftop lounge to enjoy the fresh air and a few refreshing drinks. As a team, it is great for us to have a space where we can all come together and relax after a long week, or even for a mid-Monday inspiration break. Our rooftop deck also incorporates a sustainable live green roof which serves to cool the building in the summer, absorbs rainwater, reduces airborne pollutants and promotes bird activity.

The opportunity to create an outdoor living space that exposes one to the sun, the breeze, and potential views makes for surprising and interesting spaces. A place to meet, celebrate, think, or relax, the rooftop deck has been a defining element to the Synthesis Design studio.

The most inspiring aspect about our rooftop deck is seeing staff either seek solace by cuddling in our super comfortable hanging bubble chairs, or joining each other with a drink, sitting by the fire, discussing an ongoing design challenge that awaits them in the studio below. It is this type of collaboration and solitude that stands out most, and reaffirms why we created this magical space – Curtis D. Krahn, Principal, Synthesis Design

Credits: Terra Form Landscaping,
Photos by David Sutherland Photography
As seen in Canadian Home Trends Magazine Cottage & Outdoor Living Special Edition 2021!

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