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Designer Space: All About That Bling


Candy Wang, who works in logistics, and her husband, an engineering drafter, wanted a more functional place for themselves and furniture that was safe for their two boys. “None of our furniture has sharp edges,” Candy points out. They purchased their three storey, 4,010 sq. ft. home in 2013.

“The homeowners wanted life and light in the home,” states designer Negar Reihani. To enhance the home’s ambiance, the designer introduced patterns through rugs, fabrics and wallpaper to create movement. Negar remembers, “Candy told me her favorite colors were orange, red, and hot pink! I loved her for this. It is not every day you get a client who lets you work with these colors and patterns!”


Raw and refined materials happily cohabit in the living room. Here, Negar’s aesthetic diplomatically combined the coffee table’s feminine metal curves with the mirror’s masculine raw wood. She says “the table’s form is unique. The finish adds bling to the space. Candy is all about bling.” Glass vases, festooned with squiggly twigs, also bring together polished surfaces with rough finishes.

Soft geometrics in the rug, pillows, side tables and lamps balance the hard geometrics of the mirror, fireplace, and framed photos. The solid neutrals of the couch and chairs counterbalance the visual weight of the mirror and fireplace. “It is an unexpected mix, much like the colours and patterns. It reflects the client’s style and personality; a bit raw but sophisticated and interesting,” Negar notes.


Shimmering surfaces and tender tangerines in the living room are restated in the dining room. The large abstract painting connects the two spaces’ colours. Ethereal curves in the chandelier playfully contrast with the table’s warm woods. “We love the uniqueness of the chandelier; it is very feminine,” Candy remarks. ‘Beading’ the table, the chairs’ patterned wood blends the fabric’s cool neutrals with the floor’s darkly finished wood. This wood’s dark sheen acts as a foundation for the colors and textures in Negar’s designs. “We always liked the rustic look. This dining table is perfect,” comments Candy. “Chunky yet elegant, rustic yet sleek.”

Pairings of angles and ovals, found throughout the home, are featured in the office’s quiet richness. A pair of flowered poufs and the graphically flowering rug add bold femininity to the slender efficiency of the desk, chair, and lamp. Crisp framing in the French doors, windows, and art give an art gallery feel to the office. “Shimmery taupe wallpaper,” Negar comments, “was added to the room to make it interesting.”


In the bedroom, the bed’s sculptural headboard and jewel box side tables adds artistic drama to the room. “I love this pattern a lot,” Candy says of the headboard. The ornate side tables restate the bold graphics of the headboard and the bench, with lavish surfaces. Bright artwork and luxurious accent pillows dash color about the calm room.

“We just don’t want to be boring. We want our house design to reflect our personality: young, fun, and passionate,” Candy states.

Text J. Lynn Fraser

Photography Colin Perry


Space Designed by Negar Reihani; Photographer Colin Perry; Silver River Rock Coffee Table, Chintz & Co.; Office Desk, Mobital; Rugs, Surya; Bedside Tables, Global Views; Chandelier, Robinson Lighting and Bath; Art, Leftbank Arts; Sofa, Chairs and Bed, Space Harmony; Pillows, Sheets and Blankets, HomeSense.

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