Designer LeAnne Bunnell helps a family transform their outdated colour scheme into a perfect blend of trendy colours.

A busy family of two adults, both professionals, and three teenagers wanted their 3,200 square foot home to reflect their lifestyle and taste. The home was painted in intense colours by the previous owners, described by one of the children as being the colour of alien vomit. A redesign of the home’s palette was needed.

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A fine balance is essential to blend colour with trends. Designer LeAnne Bunnell advises using the 80/20 rule, allowing continuity without rigidity of a single colour. She recommends this rule for accessories to avoid being trapped in a time warp. LeAnne recalls, “The master plan was to ensure the spaces felt connected but never forced.” The recurring cerulean blue she describes as a magical happenstance.

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The foyer’s chandelier has handblown globes and metalwork that introduce these motifs to the home. “Lighting is a key element in creating character,” LeAnne observes. Walnut wood planking and limestone tiles create a cool yet warm aesthetic found throughout the home.

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The two storey high foyer is replete with wit and art. On the right a raw ‘log’ key holder is raised high on a pedestal with its textures and colours complementing the painting above. A bench on the left reiterates the colours and lines of the paintings overhead. “Colour and texture are important in choosing art, but critical is just loving the piece!” notes one of the homeowners.

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The dining room, on the foyer’s right, is quietly grand. “We looked for a colour that would evoke a moody sky,” the homeowner notes. LeAnne remarks, “A dark ceiling is the easiest way to develop an intimate feeling.” The chandelier’s ombré shading transitions the ceiling’s colour aiding it to visually blend with the chairs’ upholstery and fog grey rug. The homeowners adds “The goal was to make this room formal, but relaxed. When we entertain we like everyone to feel comfortable enough to stay late!” The upholstery partners wide herringbone with blue piping and oyster-coloured fabric. The fabric’s trim lines recur in the chandelier, artwork, candelabras, and the custom table’s beveled edge.

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In the living room the curved topography of the Mies van der Rohe couch matches the rug’s contoured pattern and the upholstered furniture’s lines. “We took our time in this space. The intent was to populate it with purposeful items that we loved,” one of the homeowners comments. Vibrant accessories add electricity to the room’s cool tones. Woods and textiles bring friendly tangible textures.

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The breakfast room’s beauty rests in its framed views and the furniture’s Scandinavian simplicity. “I liked the contrariness of a round table in a square space,” one of the homeowners states.

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“I loved,working with these clients. They had the jitters at first as I pushed against the boundaries of their usual design box. With trust and a willingness to experiment we collaborated to make a home just right for this busy family.”

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“Now that the space has come together, we feel as though it represents what we aspire to be — multifaceted, relaxed, and a little bit stylish,” the homeowner confesses.


Text by J. Lynn Fraser

Photography by Adrian Shellard



Space Designed by LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

Photographer Shellard Photography

LIVING ROOM: Sofa, Montauk Sofa

Area Rug, LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

Chairs, Leanne Bunnell interiors

Wallpaper, Grasscloth, LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

Daybench, Gabriel Ross

Cabinet, Hardware Interiors

Drapery, LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

Fabric, Industrial Storm

Art, NewZones

Floor Lamp, LightForm

NOOK: Table and Chairs, Gabriel Ross

Light Fixture, LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

ENTRY: Ceiling Fixture, LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

Bench, LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

Bowl, Kit Interiors

DINING: Table, LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

Realized by Mobius Projects

Chairs and Benches, LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

Cabinet, Hardware Interiors

Side Board, Crate & Barrel

Art, Zoë Pawlak

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