Theme it.

Is your child really into Harry Potter? Make the playroom magic themed. Star Wars? Dress the room up like a galaxy. Are they fascinated by marine life? Paint sharks, fishes and seaweed on the walls. The themes to pick from are practically endless!

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Designate zones. 

You want to make the playroom as engaging and versatile as possible, so section off the room into zones based on your child’s specific interests. Make one corner the learning zone, with books, puzzles and any educational toys you can find. If your child likes to paint, designate one corner to art, complete with an easel, paints, a colouring table and perhaps a chalkboard and chalk. If you have enough space, include a physical activity zone, full of toys that encourage activity like skipping ropes and climbing apparatus.


Keep the floor as clear as possible. 

Try to restrict large toys to the corners and walls of the room and leave the middle of the room open and free of tripping hazards so that the kids can run and play.


Have lots of storage available and write out rules for the playroom. 

A good idea for keeping the playroom clean and organized, and taking the stress off of mom, is to get the kids involved in the day-end tidying. Sit down with your children and write out rules for using the playroom. For instance: No fighting, no messy foods and everybody has to help with cleanup before bed.


Build a fort. 

A small tipi or a tent within the playroom is a nice way to give the kids a little space from each other. The fort can be used for quiet reading or other solitary activities, and the kids can take turns playing in it.


Decorate the walls with your kids’ artwork. 

This is a great way for the kids to make the room truly theirs.



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