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Dinner Party Perfection

(NC)—Dinner parties are a special time for family and friends to come together, share laughs and enjoy each other’s company. But, organizing that perfect party to satisfy every guest can be a challenge. It’s important to consider guest preferences while still representing your personal entertaining style. Check out the below tips from co-authors of the Bite Me! cookbooks, Julie Albert and Lisa Gnat on how to make the next dinner party the one everyone will remember.

Don’t break the bank!

All you need is some imagination, some dependable recipes and a willingness to follow the “be prepared” motto. Metro’s Irresistibles line has a wide variety of dinner party favourites that provide great value, including prepared dips, local cheese baskets and cured meats.

Set it up

Set the table with linens or mats, dishes, flatware, flowers, candles one or two days ahead to give you one less thing to think about.

Create sensory appeals

Feed all the senses by lighting scented candles, playing themed music and having bowls of candy and nuts scattered throughout the house.

Tantalizing themes

Want to throw a Candy Land party? Line glass rims with Pop Rocks, put frozen gummy bears in cocktails, and line the table with candy necklaces. More of a roll-the-dice crowd? Make it games night, using game boards as serving platters or placemats!

Bottled Bevvies

1 (750ml) bottle of wine is approximately 5 glasses. Depending on whom you’ve invited, plan on ½ to ¾ bottle per person.

Keep it simple

Stop fussing with flowers. Put a large glass bowl in the centre of the table, fill it ¾ full with water, pour in a bag or 2 of fresh cranberries, and, there you have it.

Fake it like you made it

If homemade appetizers are too daunting, check out Metro’s delicious Irresistibles Frozen Appetizers or Irresistibles Life Smart tzaziki, hummus, white bean and basil or low fat spinach. Mix in fresh lemon juice, chopped fresh parsley or some ground black pepper to make it your own.

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