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DIY Bathroom Renovations You Can Do In A Weekend

86603HThere are bathroom improvements that not only increase the value and comfort level of your home, but can also be done quickly, even over a weekend. For homeowners who enjoy a DIY challenge or are working with a specific budget here are three projects you can consider tackling this renovation season:

1. Upgrade shower tiles or paint your bathroom

Redoing your shower tiles or adding a fresh coat of paint can make you feel like you have a whole new room to enjoy. The key is to ensure the walls are clean, dry and flat. Spend Friday evening prepping your space and materials, Saturday apply your mortar and tiles or paint and finish Sunday with grout, or final coat and minor touch-ups.

2. Lay down flooring

The biggest success factor for installing flooring in a weekend is to plan your layout ahead of time. Remove all the baseboards, trim and heating elements, and then do your measurements and trial layout to get a sense of how the flooring works. Once you are satisfied, roll out any underlayment required, and start laying your flooring according to the instructions, adjusting to fit your space as needed.

3. Add an entire bathroom

It may seem like an impossible challenge at first, but adding a new bathroom over the weekend is possible. Upflush toilet systems, like those offered by Saniflo, are designed to be installed anywhere in the home without the need for a rough-in, and regardless of the positioning of existing plumbing lines. There is no need to break the walls or the floor, meaning features such as toilets, sinks and showers/tubs can be installed in as little as one day. This saves time and money on extensive plumbing work giving DIYers more opportunities to decorate and add finishing touches.

More information about upflush toilet systems and renovation tips is available at or toll-free at 1-800-363-5874.
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